Singer, rapper, song writer and performer Jonelle Jones also known as Jonelle Glori was born September 12 in Waukegan, Il. Being raised by her grandmother Jonelle was exposed to many different facets of music and culture opening her mind up to the creative side. At the age of 7 Jonelle Glori begin to record herself on a fm radio using dollar store tapes and creating her own melodies and songs. At the age of 16 Jonelle begin recording and doing shows with local artists and music groups in her home town. She also met the now Grammy nominated producer Soundtrakk and begin developing a sound of her own. Soon Jonelle Glori gained some notability of her own with popular soulful track “She Don’t Have To Know” gaining a total of over 40k views shot by the now infamous Alvin Elmore. Jonelle went on to do shows performing for and with the likes of Lisa Raye, Da’ Brat, Slum Villiage, Dwele, Eric Roberson and many other notable artists just to name a few. Jonelle Glori is now signed to independent record label Another Vision Productions and with heavy influences such as Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Brandy Norwood, Aaliyah and many more, she plans to embark on her own journey creating her own soulful, thought provoking and fun sound. Her newest project is scheduled to be released February 2017.