Jauqtel Foster (Born July 10, 1987) also known as Jay Fix, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur from North Chicago, IL. Jay Fix and his childhood friend Skit Persa (Sp) create the fresh sounding hip-hop duo “New Groundz” (NGZ). With Diverse influences such as Jay-Z, Maroon 5, Michael Jackson and R.Kelly (just to name a few). Jay Fix wants to create a timeless sound that encourages individuality, peace and just simply having a good time. Jay Fix believes that “Music makes the world go round no matter the sound”. With his distinctive Flow, imaginative metaphors, and ability to touch on various subject manners, the sky is the limit for Jay Fix. Jay has expressed his admiration for several musicians like Michael Jackson, Notorious Big, James Brown and others. Fix went on to explained that Michael Jackson’s 1982 “Thriller” album, Notorious Biggs “Ready To Die” Album and Jay-Z’s “ Black Album, caused a turning point in his life, which made him  see how music was art.