If u ask any artist or hip hop head in the Chicagoland area to name their top three up and coming artist to look out for you'll hear D.Ladd Dinero in the discussion .

Eversince being raised in northern Illinois "D.Ladd has been a constant fixture on northern Illinois stages for quite a while now since the age of twenty D.Ladd has been honing his skills perfecting his craft at every major rap show since 2006 opening for artist from Fat Joe to O.J. the Juiceman from Lil Scrappy to Gucci Mane among others. D.Ladd will guarantee to give the crowd an amazing performanced and songs to remember. 

Ladd not only writes and performs he produces, edits and directs videos, several of his videos are getting major play on internet and his "Put it on Scale" mixtape series is in high demand. So keep your ears to the street and eyes on your television screen, D.Ladd is coming to a city near you.